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ENERGY SAVINGS CALCULATIONS are done after the ENERGY AUDIT is completed. We input all the data collected from your ENERGY AUDIT into a residential energy analysis software and produce a report detailing the savings you'll receive if the improvements we suggest are completed.


ENERGY IMPROVEMENT MORTGAGES are available when a house is being purchased or refinanced.

If you are in the process of or thinking about applying for an ENERGY IMPROVEMENT MORTGAGE for a recently built house or for refinancing an existing home we are qualified to provide the documentation to satisfy the loan requirements. The same software described above is used to calculate the requirements.


ECOMPASS offers HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) engineering services that include plan analysis, design, layout, and equipment sizing. We re-design the HVAC system from your construction plans to assess the unique qualities of each home. We routinely work with builders and HVAC contractors to determine the appropriate sizing, layout, and room ventilation requirements to maximize home owner comfort and indoor air quality. Through the ENERGY AUDIT process, we gather data to verify equipment specifications and capacity ratings.

We utilize the latest software and technology, Manual J Version, to analyze and develop the proper HVAC system specifications. We use research from national laboratories and manufacturers to improve building performance. Our engineering approach to residential energy efficiency is based on building science principles using building components to determine the optimum HVAC system requirements. We work with builders and contractors to determine the cost and performance feasibility of system upgrades such as fresh air ventilation, humidity control and air flow performance.

  • HVAC Sizing - (Manual J8 & room to room)
  • HVAC Layout and Review
  • HVAC Equipment Verification for SEER
    and capacity rating
  • Evaluation of building envelope components
    and systems
  • Engineering Analysis to determine the
    feasibility of system upgrades such as fresh
    air ventilation, humidity control and air flow performance





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