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Biocontamination Detection:


Many variables must be considered when evaluating exposure to biological contaminants. There are approximately 72,000 categorized fungi and there are estimates that millions of fungal species exist. Even though people should not live in an environment with excessive contamination, there are very few guidelines for exposure limits.

Biological growth can occur within 24-72 hours of a wetting event. Mold, even though the species is the same, will look different depending on the substrate or surface it is growing on.

At ECOMPASS we are concerned with your overall quality of life. ECOMPASS has certified microbial and indoor environmental consultants with training in all areas of indoor air quality. We benefit both homeowners and builders by quickly and efficiently identifying biocontamination cause and origin. Our inspections include many problem areas including walls, wall cavities and ductwork. These inspections allow us to then determine the best remediation plan for you.




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