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What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is an inspection of an existing house for the purpose of determining it’s current energy efficiency and providing recommendations for improvements. We offer two separate levels of energy audits performed by our highly trained inspectors.


Level 1 Energy Audit:

A Level 1 Audit is a visual inspection of the interior of the house. This includes checking in the attic for improper sealing of the duct work, insulation gaps, construction flaws, penetrations open to the attic. We also check for window and door sealing.

We use computer software designed by our team to evaluate the energy problems of your house. We print out a report on site detailing all the points. Included in the report are the recommendations for the improvements we feel you would need to have a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

As you can see by the image below there are several critical areas of heating and air conditioning loss and unwanted air infiltration in a typical house.




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