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Welcome to the HERS Rater Training Center!

Grow your business by meeting builder’s specific building diagnostic needs.
Learn about the “House as a System” and the building science of residential construction.

Put yourself in a category above your competition as a Building Science Consultant.
Offer your builders correct sizing of HVAC equipment, federal or state tax credits, and
energy efficient mortgages. Most of these services pay for themselves!

Gain the knowledge to advise builders about energy efficient components and the techniques necessary to achieve Energy Star and/or the Federal or State Tax Credits. Meet Energy Star and RESNET Standards by performing inspections based on the EnergyStar Thermal Bypass Checklist. Use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as the Blower Door, the Duct Blaster, digital manometers and other devices. Develop the skills necessary to recognize building flaws that cause system failures or comfort complaints. Use REM/Rate software and determine the Index of a home. For more information call 888-488-0206 or email

Rater Class Schedule

March 17-21, October 20 - 25, 2014, Oklahoma City, OK - Hosted by GWS

$300.00 Deposit
(Deposit is fully refundable until March 7 and Oct 10, 2014)

$1,535.00 Balance Payment
(Due first day of class)

$1,835.00 Full Payment

Please contact me if you have any questions or issues. We look forward to seeing you!

Download Registration Form Here
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